About Sweetgrass GxP Group, LLC


Sweetgrass GxP Group, LLC (“Sweetgrass GxP”), provides Quality consulting services to ensure our valued clients develop and provide high-quality, safe and effective products to their patients.  Our goal is to facilitate the design, implementation and maintenance of Quality systems that produce superior products on a consistent basis, while meeting the myriad compliance requirements of the FDA and other global regulatory bodies.

Sweetgrass GxP’s philosophy is to always meet the needs of our clients by delivering Quality services on-time in a professional and practical manner.  We believe trust and integrity are integral in the Quality services industry, and the foundation of our client relationships.

Our Managing Partner, Paul Eichholz, MSJ, has 20 years of real-world experience tackling complex GxP-related challenges and issues.  As a small firm, Sweetgrass GxP  offers uniquely personalized services tailored to your organization’s specific needs.  Compliance and other challenges in the highly regulated industries of Pharmaceuticals and Compounding Pharmacies are highly complex; let Sweetgrass GxP be your partner in overcoming those challenges.  Sweetgrass GxP Group, LLC is a 100% Veteran-owned business.

Sweetgrass GxP has a robust qualified staff of both full time employees and stringently vetted, well qualified contractors.  This staffing model allows Sweetgrass GxP to quickly respond to a myriad of challenges for your firm.